Back in the saddle

After having had Covid, I was surprised at how long my recovery has taken. I’ve been building up the miles, but still not up to the 27 mile ride I did just before I contracted the virus. However, despite the distinct nip in the air today, it has been a week where my mind certainly needed some rest so I made it out for a really super ride today. It’s interesting how sometimes you take in the natural surroundings more than others and with my pace a little slower today and riding solo, I afforded myself the time to take it all in.

I’ve learnt that the thing about mental health is the need to make time for yourself and to do the things that calm you and bring back a sense of balance. Recently I’ve been playing quite a lot of darts, which has helped, particularly in my recovery, but today was definitely about fresh air and letting the wind fly through my ever depleting hairline and enjoying my summer bike once again.

The route of choice for today’s self help was Route 24 of the National Cycle Network. A gloriously preserved former railway line which is well maintained and allows some beautiful riding. Taking in Kilmersdon Church and a snack, obviously, before attempting the famed Jack and Jill hill and I definitely think that it felt slightly easier than last time I puffed my way up there.

What I can certainly say is that after 11.5 miles, short by my standards, I felt a whole lot better and the stresses and anxiety of the week had faded a little, allowing me to enjoy my family time. Maybe I’ll play some darts later too…

Here’s the route and a few photos:


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