Even in the dark it’s good to get out…

Even though the nights are well and truly drawn in over this stage of the winter, I still try hard to get out on my bike, day or night. Not only do I find it therapeutic and a fantastic release, but it realigns my balance and has a wonderful calming effect on my mental health.

I’m a keen road cyclist and I cycle at all hours of the day or night and the night time can often be so peaceful and serene. Tonight, however was just a short hop round trip for a coffee and a chat half way – cold and nippy around the legs, although I wore some new compression leggings from Lidl (!) of all places and they were perfect for the job.

I have missed being out on the bike over the past week and as I sit here typing this I feel so much better for it. Not just fitter, but better in myself. I came to road cyling fairly late in life but, as you will come to see, I have embraced it and it keeps me fit and young (at heart)! You can check out my rides on the Strava widget in the sidebar and do please comment and share if you are a cyclist. I’d love to hear from others who experience the same benefit or who just love a good ride on two wheels.