New Year, New Challenges

With a New Year brings the opportunity to both set goals and to continue with my aim of both getting fitter and maintaining balance through road cycling. Two rides in two days and 30 miles will go some way to achieving that and a wonderful way to start as I mean to go on. Whilst Zwift is a good alternative, there is something calming and cathartic about being out on the road, listening to the wind pass through your cycling helmet and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of of the local area.

As I have said before, road cycling for me isn’t about being the fastest or the best. For me, it’s about the enjoyment, developing technique and also taking time, when possible, to socialise with friends and other riders and explore the many routes that cycling offers.

I also like the maintenance element of road cycling, so it’s never long before my bike is on the stand to index the gears, lube the chain or tweak the cable tension. Having road cycled seriously for a few years, I have also learnt an awful lot about the tech and products needed to make sure that seasonal cycling is  successful, safe and enjoyable. Having swapped my summer wheels with Bontrager R2 tyres for winter wheels, adding some new Bontrager AW3s, I can certainly see and feel the difference, particularly in the wet and when cornering. Perhaps I’ll make that a focus for a future blog post. The concept of layering clothing, particularly needing to recently, is also a very interesting topic of conversation and one which I was reminded of when taking my nephew for a New Year’s ride a couple of days ago.

For now though, I shall head off to check the forecast and when I can next get out to maintain my mental health and physical fitness. Cycling is such a great stress relief and a process I do enjoy sharing. I hope you enjoy reading about it.