The ideal cost effective gravel bike?

The past couple of days I’ve been keeping myself busy working on the latest project, a Kinesis Crosslight 4T gravel bike. Whilst I realise this may not be for everyone, I find the process of building a bike quite therapeutic. From ensuring that the gears are indexed correctly – one of my main focus points in a build – to equalling the tension of the brakes so that no one feels as if they are white knuckle riding, it’s incredibly rewarding to develop an end product that can be enjoyed for many miles.

After all, a few days ago when this arrived by courier, this was a bike that had seen some good life already, albeit with a mixture of components and in need of just a little TLC. After a couple of hours on the stand, with a turn of the hex bolts here and there and new cables throughout, this is now a perfect winter commuter that I am sure will not be around for long. Moreover, the pleasure and mental health focus this has given me in the build is something which I value greatly and has been a source of great enjoyment and therapy for me in my spare time.

Here is the finished ride. Tomorrow I might even get out on my own bike and spin a few miles. Lovely.