The Wonders of Zwift

One of the real benefits of a turbo trainer is that there isn’t all the getting ready and organisation required to get out on the road. Whilst that is, and will always be, my preferred form of cycling and relaxation, there is a lot to be said for jumping on a bike in the spare room and seeing where Zwift takes you.

As I have said before, I am a relatively new Zwift convert and to begin with found it less inspiring. However, as my technique has improved and I am able to practice my cadence, fitness patterns and not going all out from the outset of the ride, I find it just as therapeutic and relaxing, whilst still getting the feelgood factor from my cycling.

Tonight’s destination was New York City and I was just as surprised as you may be, reader, to discover that there was over 1000ft of climb to be had in a brief 10 mile round trip of Central Park. However, my legs and damp towel will both lay testament to this and although I am not the fastest – I do love it when others fly past me – it’s good for me, mentally and physically and continues to contribute significantly to my wellbeing.

If you are a Zwifter or would like to share the impact cycling has on your life, please get in touch. For me, that’s 30 miles this week so far. Not huge, but not shabby,