Two good rides

This week hasn’t been so good from a physical health perspective. I suffer with eczema and the combination of cold weather and central heating makes for quite an uncomfortable winter, usually! Throw in a dose of anxiety and stress and this week has been quite unpleasant, so it was so good to get out on the bike again this weekend.

The release of endorphins, immediate feeling of wellbeing and improved sense of calm through road cycling is the main reason why it has been such a support and element of self-care for me over time, some of which has been incredibly challenging.

Thinking I’d get out with the boys today, yesterday I planned just a short leg loosener whilst everyone else was out of the house, so that it didn’t impact on our family time. Layered up and on my winter Trek, for a change, I kept a good steady pace through the lanes and even found some friends to say hello to, at a drink stop.

11 miles in just under an hour and back in time for lunch. Can’t be bad!
Fast forward just under 24 hours and I was out with the Peddlers on, what is fast becoming, our weekly trip out. Way chillier, but with good company, we all enjoyed a good distance ride to blow away the January cobwebs on a Sunday morning.

Thanks to Steve for the route, this is something I look forward to and try to join in with every week as it has such a positive impact on my wellbeing. Plus that sense of achievement and ongoing contribution to good health, road cycling really is something I want to share with everyone as a way of keeping mentally and physically fit and healthy. Already this evening I’ve been planning a route for in the week. I now need to do more 30+ mile routes for stamina!